Date for your Diaries - BBHR Vs Red, White & Bruise Rollers

On Saturday 7th June we'll be taking on The Red, White & Bruise Rollers at their home venue Lynnes Port Leisure Park, Kings Lynn. 

More details to follow soon! For now save the date! 

Training Session with Florence The Machine & Giggity

We'd like to say a huge Thank You to Florence The Machine and Giggity from Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder who came to train us this weekend. 

Florence led a two hour training session; which left us aching all over! 

Hallam Hellcats Rookie Bootcamp

Super Well Done to the Black Hearts who attended the Hallam Hellcats Rookie Bootcamp on Saturday!

A great time was had by all; a training session with Doug Hisgrave followed by a scrim.

And Blacks Hearts walked away with 4 out of 6 awards!

Block Widow - White Team - Best Jammer

AllKillMist - White Team - Best Blocker

Martha Skarkill - Black Team - MVP

Hans Yolo - Black Team - Best Blocker

Wakefield Wheeled Cats Vs Barnsley Black Heart Rollers

Check this out! 

Wakey Poster